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Saturday, 12 May 2012 10:33

Reggae Tent...

Reggae Tent Slot Art Festival 2012 is a return to… a smaller, intimate tea tent as well as to players who have many times kept us dancing in and around the tent ‘til the blood flowed

First night- Tuesday-Wednesday: Welcome back!

Almost a full spectrum of Jamaican music: rocksteady- early reggae- roots dub reggae- rub a dub, early dancehall-dub, Muflon Dub, Macca Dub and zasad

Muflon Dub

Jamaican roots from the ‘70’s? Heavy British Dub? Modern Polish dancehall? We play our own music! We’ll present sounds that are written and recorded totally by us. Our inspiration is life, people, music and the Bible. We’ve been involved in SLOT for years and we co-create the Reggae Tent while performing in it. You can find us at: www.muflon.site50.net

Macca Dub and zasad.

Zasad likes the delicate and soft parts of Jamaican music- easy tempo, nice voices and stories of love from the era of rocksteady to the first half of the ‘80’s. Macca is just the opposite- hard dub sounds with roots from the London scene and side-trips to Francophone digi dub. They meet up sometimes and talk. If you want to see how it goes, drop by.

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Saturday, 12 May 2012 12:06

Programme-Reggae Tent 2012

Reggae Tent @ Slot Art Festival 2012 is a kind of comeback...

More info: soon come!

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