Stage workshops 2018


A stage is a place to meet. It's also a space for imagination and changing usual into unusual. Stage workshops offer wide variety of techniques, ideas and activities – by participating, you can try alternative ways of self-expression, interpersonal communication and telling stories. You can witness the freedom and the power of world creation. You can develop your sensitivity and learn to see a stage wherever you are.

turn 2 / Z5 / 30 people / level 1

Self exploring, getting to know one's emotions and developing the ability to recall them in a given moment through learning relaxation techniques, the basics of acting and voice opening.

Agnieszka Nowakowska – Katarynka Theater actress, graduate of National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, and Cracow Lart StudiO, experienced by many years of theater workshops, among others in Grotowski Institute.

turn 2 / Z7 / 40 people / level 1

Dance technique popular all over the world and a genre of Latino music with rich rhythms. There will be basics for newbies and some tricks for those, who are more experienced, so that no one gets bored. You're welcome, unpaired, too.

Michał Szefliński – long-term Slottish electrician, dances bachata for several years, he has learned from the best Polish and foreign instructors. Maria „Mary” Stępień – dance instructor, developing in many styles: burlesque, salsa, zouku and bachata.

  1. APARTMENT BLOCK OF FURY: why community is an art
turn 1 / G6 / 10 people / level 1

Why Ecce Mono is worth more than its original, why isn't Bródno 2000 just a glowing block, and why should Duchamp's toilet go back where it belongs? The workshop combines the theory and a common experience into artistic activity. You can join us on the 1st and 2nd day only.

Dorian Widawski – activist, working at the crossroads of culture and sociology, especially though theater activities.

Mateusz Wojcieszek – animator and employee of Center for Citizen Education and Pole Dialogu ("Dialogue Area") Foundation. Educational projects coordinator.

turn 3 / D1 / 20 people / level 1

Theater, dance and storytelling. Stories told with a body and working with emotions. Sense of euphoria, euphoria of senses, contact, round-the-world journey in your head, partially with your eyes closed. Improvisation and Forum Theater. All of that as a part of the workshops.

Patrycja Paula Gas – anthropologist, storyteller, social and intercultural competence coach. Doctoral candidate and lecturer at the Jagiellonian University.

turn 3 / D7 / 30 people / level 1

A short warm-up, learning steps and creating various choreographies. Our goal is to encourage all the participants to play to the rhythm of music, to move and to expand their knowledge about dance.

Aleksandra Kopeć i Dominik Węglarz – dancers, instructors, participants and tutors of dancehall workshops. Dominik is a member of Silesianie Song and Dance Ensemble in Katowice.

turn 1 / B9, alt. G11 / 25 people / level 1

Diabolo – a skill toy originating from China known in the 2nd century BC, consists in moving “diabolically crazy” hourglass using two sticks joined with a cord. Seemingly small, inconspicuous, and yet has so many secrets. We come and we spin.

Bartosz Krawczyk – lawyer and musician (double bass player), diabolo enthusiast, for many years leading workshops at SAF.

  1. TWO STAFFS – rhythm and energy
turn 2 / B6 / 30 people / level 1

Creating beauty with two staffs and looking for an answer to the question: "how to use a basic techniques knowledge to create your own style?". Side effects: eye-hand coordination development and creation of new synapses connections.

Emilia Górnisiewicz – performer in “The Gentle Flames” and “Spin Machine” fire-groups. Actress, animator and clown.

turn 1, / B6 / 20 people / level 1

Here's the core: tricks and rules of flowerstick manipulation. Beginners will learn the basics of the stick, and those, who are advanced, will try some more complicated tricks.

Rafał Różański – student, juggler, leads juggling workshops.

turn 3 / B7 / 24 people / level 1

The goal is leading the participants into basics of a stage improvisation – practical exercises and acting in improvised scenes will let us introduce the new techniques.

Łukasz Pławiak – founder of Jesiotr and Nie,Bo improvisation theaters. Organizer of FLOW Impro festival, various improvisation workshops and over 130 comedy shows. The workshops will be led with Jesiotr Improvisation Theater.

turn 1 / Z6 / 30 people / level 2

Music and dance. We'll see, what actually connects those two areas on a level of structure, and we'll try to use it in a dance – both, solo and with a group. We'll also experience various ways of moving and composition in dance.

Daria Ślusarczyk – dancer, graduate of Stage Choreography Course in Cracow, and Copenhagen Modern Dance School. Apprenticeship in Danish Mute Comp physical theater, resident of Iceland theater the Freezer, where she performed a solo play.

turn 1 / Z5 / 16 people / level 1

Is meeting others without judging possible? How does it feel, when you want something in contact with other person and how – when you don't? We'll try to find the answers with motion and creativity, using the Mindfulness and Laban-Bartenieff system.

Monika Chwesiuk – psychologist, amateur actress. Graduate of many courses and trainings connected to working with the body, like drama therapy course, A. Lowen method workshops, and advanced level of Laban-Bartenieff motion analysis.

Dominika Krata – psychologist, coach, mediator. Graduate of many courses and trainings on working with the body.

turn 1 / B8, alt. G3 / 15 people / level 1

Kendama – a Japanese skill toy, where the only thing that limits you is your imagination! In short it's made up of a "hammer" and a ball, with which the possibilities are endless.

Marcin Dziopa – Kendama practitioner, runs workshops on various events and festivals.

turn 3 / B8, alt. G3 / 20 people / level 1

We'll learn conscious work with the body and the prop, and we'll get used to a stage and its inseparable part – the audience. Eventually, we'll use our skills to plan a juggling performance, which we'll present at the Final Fireshow.

Adam Banach – law and culture animation student, performer in juggling, theatre and fireshow groups.

turn 3 / B6 / 20 people / level 1

Levistick is a prop, which creates the illusion of a levitating object. The magic is the movement of our bodies, and search for that movement will be the core of the workshop.

Sandra Grzeszczyk – American Tribal Style & Tribal Fusion dancer, leads workshops and creates fireshows, Graduate of various juggling courses, (fans, levistick, hula hoop, poi, staffs, balls)

  1. PANTOMIME – the sense of movement
turn 3 / P4 / 15 people / level 1

Pantomime, in Greek, means “the one, who mimics everything”. Working consciously with our bodies and using the elements of classic pantomime, we'll learn how to narrate with gesture, express one's emotions and create a stage character.

Edyta Bocian – Polish philology student at the University of Wrocław, pantomime student at SKIBA College. Runs pantomime workshops for kids and teenagers.

turn 2 / B8, alt. G3 / 20 people / level 1

At the workshop we'll get to know the basics of synchronizing our moves with a partner and we'll learn some tricks, possible with two pairs of poi. Caution! It may hurt sometimes ;)

Thalia Zacharek – passionate about juggling and cultural anthropology. President of the Manowce Creative Initiatives Association. Practices poi for 3 years.

  1. COMMOTION – choreotherapy
turn 3 / Z5 / 25 people / level 1

The workshop will be led according to a Dance Movement Psychotherapy method, spontaneous dance, intuitive movement, improvisation, visualization, working with an image. All that to make life a joyful dance of reality.

Elżbieta Wilk – actress of Artenes and Polish Theater, runs classes on choreography for women and seniors in Świdnica. Experienced in working with youth.

turn 2 / D7 / 50 people / level 1

We'll discover the hot climate of Caribbean Islands! The dynamic mix of salsa and reggae with Jamaican beats of dancehall and a pinch of American hip-hop will take over us. Workshop consists of the energetic dance, plus learning to isolate the body and self-confidence.

Maja Goździk – dancer, currently hones her skills in the Urban Dance Zone School and Salsa Project in Łódź.

  1. DISILLUSIONMENT – basics of the art of illusion
turn 3 / G12 / 10 people / level 1

Card illusions, tricks, “reading minds”, manipulation and throwing cards – that's what we'll do. We'll learn how to create tricks and how to improvise, that is: how to use the objects around us for creating illusion.

Adam Lubański – interested in, passionate about and experienced in bartending. Trains illusions since 2013.

  1. THE ITEMS of reality
turn 2 / P4 / 20 people / level 1

What part do objects play in our everyday life? Which of them have a particular meaning at work and at home, and why? We'll consider it together, using theater activities.

Justyna Czarnota-Misztal – theater pedagogue and educator, instructor, head of the Department of Theatre Pedagogy in The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute. Runs workshops for teachers and families. Program manager of Holiday Kids Festival Hurra! Art.! in Kielce and co-author of performances for kids.

  1. CUBAN SALSA in pairs
turn 1 / Z7 / 30 people / level 1

Cuban Salsa in pairs and in a circle (Rueda de Casino). We'll learn steps and figures with a salsa music. The workshop will be completed with the P1 level Certificate. For adults.

Rafał Petryja – dancer and instructor in Salsa Bielsko, Corazon and Salsa Pszczyna schools; Cuban culture promoter, choreographer.

turn 2 / G12 / 45 people / level 1

Create sculptures out of shadow! We'll set installations out of some absolutely useless stuff, which will be brought to life by light. Bring creativity, patience and sense of humor.

Konrad Kwieciński i Olga Michalska – creators of atelier in Czech Cieszyn. They work with light installations, festival stage-design and crafts.

turn 3 / F1 / 30 people / level 1

Irish music will set a mood for jumps, stamps and turns. You'll use the muscles, you didn't even know you had! We'll learn the basic steps and positions, which will be used in a group dance.

Katarzyna Hyckowska – apprentice of Irish dance in Irish Spin school. Leading lessons for kids and adults.

turn 2 / Z6 / 30 people / level 3

By exercising and short choreographies, we'll learn how to use energy and feel our body weight, we'll concentrate on elasticity and smoothness of motion.

Grażyna Słaboń – dancer and educator with many years of experience, graduate of Laban, a modern dance school in London, now, dancer of Sopot Dance Theater and cofounder of Trójmiejski Kolektyw Twórczy (Tricity Creative Collective).

turn 2 / F1 / 150 people / level 1

Israeli and Jewish dances are something more than learning steps, they're also an expression of joy and a prayer. As the Chasidim say: "he who dances, prays twice". Come, join us!

Dorota Herok – Jewish, Israeli and modern dance instructor. Instructor and choreographer of the “Klezmer” band.

turn 3 / Z6 / 11 people / level 1

We'll treat theater, as a spiritual laboratory. Working with Verbatim methods and Grotowski's acting techniques, we'll create a show, which we'll perform at the end of the festival.

Hubert Matysiak – student of Machulskis' Acting School in Warsaw. Works in film-making, music video production, creates etudes.

turn 1 / G12 / 20 people / level 1

Come and get to know the magic of puppetry! We'll play theater, in which the actors will be forms, created by us. Everything depends on your imagination and creativity!

Daniel Lasecki, Kinga Matusiak – graduates of National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, lovers of puppetry and theater of form and move. Apart from performing, they lead theater classes and workshops for kids, youth, adults and seniors. They love meeting people and letting them discover themselves.

turn 2 / B7 / 24 people / level 1

You'd like to tell, whom, though? You're writing but you hide it? You don't write, but you'd want to? Come and face the people, who'll appreciate you and who will give you a piece of advice. At the end of SAF, the participants will organize a poetic slam and they'll perform their own works!

Szymon Majewski – student, slams and impro nights attendee.

Maciej Strzyżewski – teacher, writer, story-teller and photographer. Vice-president of "Wszystko jest Możliwe" ("Everything Is Possible") Foundation, which helps discover creative potential and use it in practice.

turn 2 / B9, alt. G11 / 30 people / level 1

Walking the path from juggling with three balls to more advanced tricks, we'll find out what's the magic behind keeping the balls in the air. We'll develop reflex and motor coordination, having fun at the same time.

Żaneta Żurawska – graduate of Communication and Image Design. Professionally a Brand Marketing Menager. She juggles, training with a group of friends, as a hobby.
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