It’s worth to find yourself here, surrounded by a bit of chill and peace, discover the joy of free creation. Come in to read a book or talk to a stranger.

Let the art of dailiness, the art of good words and beautiful frame happen here!


Can’t imagine SLOT without a good book? Don’t worry, if it turns out your stack wasn’t enough for the whole festival - we’ll lend you some more! You can also put your own book into Slottish circulation.

Reading room

Memories, quotes, stories – reading treats from both the SLOT creators and guests – real collector’s items! Come with your own book or open up to whatever you’ll find here. There's some cozy deckchairs too!


Is your head overfilled with thoughts in the world full of stimuli? Throw them into the pensieve and enjoy the festival as a moment of freedom! If you’re dying to know what other people think – take a peek into the jar.

Living gallery

Art created permanently, continuously, daily. Every single moment of your life could become a tiny masterpiece.

We’ve got pencils, crayons, paints, and paper – let’s try to experience it together!

Postal service for strangers

Is there still place for handwritten letters in the computer era? For the trembling of your heart when you open an envelope? We hope so! Write a letter to a stranger and our mailmen will deliver it to the right person with a detective-like accuracy! Send out a good word!

Meeting bench

Sit down, smile and get to know a new Slotter. The jar full of questions that everybody has their own answers to might come in handy!

Another Slotter is inviting!

Analogue chatroom

We’re connecting two worlds: one up and kicking with one slowly falling into oblivion – a notebook and a pencil. Have a thought? A bothering question? Write about it, start a chat-like dialog and gather your patience, because the answer will most likely take a bit more than a split second.


How big does an artwork need to be to get to an exhibition? It turns out there are no limits. We’d like to invite you to visit the gathered artworks of artists big and small, more and less known. Maybe you’d like to add something from yourself?


11:00 Tastes of colors – breakfast

Eating together is a great opportunity to meet, have a conversation and share tastes. The schedule of our color palette: Wed. – yellow, Thur. – red, Fri - green, Sat - pink. Bring something from yourself, but also come over to check what ArtRoom is serving today!

15:00 ArtRoom_speaks

A whole new series of talks. About stories, motivations, inspirations and daily work on creating art.


13:00 ArtRoom_creates: Graphic workshops

Transferring a picture onto a stone is a technique known for about 200 years. Technologically it derives from lithography. We’ll use a photo of the monastery and stones that we’ll find in Lubiąż – you can bring your own.

Participants limit: 12

Justyna Mazur – she's a lithographer, a mom and a wife. She’s dedicated to arts education for children and adults. She runs an artistic graphics studio called “Litograf” in Kraków.


19:30 Concert: Half-blind man (Na wpół ślepy człowiek)

Two men looking for an outlet for their sensitiveness, experiences and thoughts. Their creations are a mixture of music and poetry. Spoken words and rock. Good and evil. Beauty and ugliness. They tell stories with sounds, words, silence, and scream. Meanwhile, they share honest stories from their lives, taking their audience away from the urban mazes of agglomerations overwhelming with their size straight to the empty mountain tops, deserts, and coasts.

Mateusz Dudek Jędrys & Przemysław Nicewicz


19:00 Concert: Complete chill-out evening (Wieczór na pełnym relaksie)

Grzegorz Korzeniec will show up with his hangs that have wandered around the SLOTS nooks and crannies for years.

It’s going to be a free improvisation that will allow everybody to submerge in the sound. A moment of relax before the last night of the festival.