Open space

D6 / 13:00-15:00


Writing lyrics, working on the flow and rhyming techniques. We will try to find our own individual style and message. Anyone can rap!

Dariusz „Vixen” Szlagor – Polish rapper, vocalist and record producer. Author of over a dozen albums. After coming out of so-called underground associated mainly with Rysiu Peja, who released his 3 solo albums. Since 2016 a representative of MaxFloRec Artistic & Publishing Agency.

D7 / 15:00-17:00

DJ-ing & turntablism workshop

You'll learn how does the work of a DJ look like from behind the decks and you'll be able to stand behind professional equipment. Workshops will be based only on working with gramophones. Hosts – DJ ChedeRac, DJ Bulb & guests.

ATTENTION: We work with the same group the whole festival – in the later days we give preference to those, who took part from the beginning.

D7 / 17:00-20:00

Loesje – creative writing workshop

Playing with connotations and common writing of short mottos concerning important subjects. It boosts creative thinking, inspires playing with language and expressing one's thoughts in form of unconventional texts which will later be placed on characteristic black&white posters.

Jacek Łabaj, Kamila Romanowicz – Loesje moderators in Poland.