"Baby" ("Grandmas") Naumiony Theatre, Ornontowice

Behold the morning ritual of grandmas peeking out of windows. Are they women of solidarity and progress or backwater grandmas.

Dir. by: Iwona Woźniak

Dram.: Sandra Jaworudzka

Music: Nina Wolska, Olga Chrzan

Lights: Sergiusz Brożek

Costumes and set: Aleksandra Malczyk

PR: Marcin Musialik & Jagoda Stuła

Star.: Olga Chrzan, Nina Wolska, Maria Baładżanow


"Kroniki Sejneńskie" ("Sejny Chronicles") "Borderland of Arts, Cultures and Nations" Center, Sejny

Sejny is a small town near the Polish-Lithuanian border. Here live Poles, Lithuanians, Russians (Old Believers) and before the war also Jewish people, Romani, Germans, Belorussians and Tatars used to live here. History didn't spare this place its fair share of conflicts, tragedies and next-door wars. „Chronicles...” consolidate this world from legends, old photographs, prayers, songs and memories of its inhabitants..

Written and dir. by: Bożena Szroeder

Lights: Piotr Fiedorowicz

Star.: Zuzia Bagińska, Natalka Fiedorowicz, Ola Gryguć, Weronika Janczewska, Małgosia Kukolska, Laura Miszkiel, Tomek Myszczyński, Franek Sawicki, Daniel Zdancewicz

FRIDAY 13.07

"Pięknie ładnie" ("Nice & pretty") Teatr Porywacze Ciał, Poznań

Turning directyl to the audience, the actress shares her dreams, speaks of search for love and happines. At times she is a life-weary artist, to become a psychologist moderating a support group a second later. She tells stories heard or made-up, inviting the audience to build the theatrical mini-world together.

Written and dir. by: Maciej Adamczyk

Perf.: Katarzyna Pawłowska

Mus.: Natalia „Natsq” Markowska


„Sejny chronicles" (Kroniki sejneńskie)