Humans of SLOT


SLOT draws in people with beautiful faces, that tell stories, and interesting souls Ania, Mirek & Damian want to photograph every participant of the festival Look for them at Slot.

Anna „Gudrun” Śliwa, Mirosław Górski, Damian Kostka:

Ania thinks, that everything is beautiful and tries to show it. Mirek – uncompromising in photography. Close, strong and black and white. Damian hides words and stories in his images.

Old School Barbershop from Gdynia

time: Tuesday 14.00–18.00 (with a break for an interview in Art Room, Wednesday–Friday: 14.00–18.00

where: a stand with a chair in the hallway next to the inner courtyard (wirydarz)


It's not an usual hair salon. Barbershop from Portowa is talented barbers, masterful men's hair-dressing, radical changes of image, sincere talks, unique place for inspiration and relaxation for gentlemen. This year we will be visited by a barbering master known as Mikey Barberos. He polished his master skills for many years on the British Isles, for several years now he is active in Gdynia, where young generation of barbers trains under his supervision. At this year's SAF Mikey will be there for you. Gentlemen will have an unique opportunity of sitting in the master's chair and get their hair done for free! Ladies will have a chance to sneak a peek into a truly manly world. There'll be time to talk and those, who don't know what barbering is will have an opportunity to learn that.


"Everyday life"

G1 / Tuesday–Saturday / 11:00–13:00

The topic is the everyday reality surrounding us, the everyday reality of the festival.

We organize a spontaneous exhibition, that everyone can be an author of. You can bring your own prints on anything (photos can be printed at the spot too). Through the photos of participants we will tell the story of everyday reality and the exhibition will be growing day after day.

You're invited by Damian Kostka & Mirosław Górski (Mobile Photo Trip Association)

„All of my mom's weddings”

E / Tuesday–Saturday

Time travel of people from wedding photos of old. In years 1969–2003 my Mom, Zofia Makara, as a head of the Civil Status Office presided over more than two thousand weddings. The archive photographs inspired me to seek out some of the couples. I asked them to stand in front of the camera lens again. I also asked them about the sense of being together – what they gained and what they lost in these years of being together.

Grażyna Makara, photojournalist.

SEE ALSO: Meeting with the project's author and her mom: Café Sfera A1 / Friday 13.07 / 11:00


E9 / Wednesday–Saturday / all the time

Imagine that you practice something every day for a year. Without cheating, every day you dedicate a dozen or so minutes to doing something. What's the chance, you'll get better at it?

I wanted to take better pictures very much and thanks to I realized the „365 Projekt” – one photograph a day, EVERY DAY, for a year, since my 26th birthday.

And that's what the exhibition is about – 365 photos, on 13 boards.

Jacek Łabaj – longboarder-photographer

Diaries of Despair – True Tales of Turnaround

New Zealand / Poland

Corridor next to D12 / Tuesday–Saturday

In the tumult of problems and everyday bustle we pass people, who failed in their fight with reality. We think it doesn't concern us – until we wake up and we can't recognize our thoughts. You struggle with weird thoughts and moods, but you try to hide it from yourself and others? Or maybe you have to get a drink or a smoke every day to escape these thoughts? Don't ignore it

The photographic exhibition presents the stories of people who struggled with lack of hope, depression or even suicide attempts. They show that there's hope and a way out of every situation – hope for each one of us. For you too.

Kacper Jah’el invites

Fire Show

A4 / Tuesday–Saturday / around 00:15 (after SloTv)

Every year, at the last day of the festival under the Plane tree takes place an amazing event summarizing the whole week of hard work – Final Fireshow It's a one of a kind fiery spectacle, in which together with experienced firemasters complete beginners take part. If you want to be a part of it come to the workshop "Juggler on a stage like a lion out of cage"!

Adam Banach and Krzysztof Czarski invite

Open Stage

F1 / Friday / 20:00

Do you want to see something amazing, you have never seen before? Come to the Slottish Open Stage 2018! Acrobatics, illusion, singing, juggling, contortion – these are just some of the things you'll see here! More than a dozen performances of artists from all over Poland Additional visual and acoustic experiences provided by the location – the ArtCathedral!

Grzegorz Jastrzębski

The Suitcase Sideshow „The Sailor and the Boat”

G3 / Thursday / 22:00

It's a traveling experimental theatre bringing the message of hope to the furthest corners of the world. "The Sailor and the Boat" is a story about freedom, choices and love. It mixes shanties with puppet theatre and shadow theatre to give us an unique theatrical experience straight from an old traveling trunk. Prepare for a moving show that makes you think.