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Wednesday, 18 June 2014 00:00

Scena Folkowa 2014

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012 06:21

Gooral on the Main Stage

Gooral is a producer, generator of sound and a precursor joining electro, dubstep and dnb with all things mountainy (góra in Polish means “mountain”). The place where Gooral grew up has influenced his creativity greatly. It’s a city surrounded by mountains. Gooral is close to the city but spent half his life teaching people to ski and skiing himself.

In the ‘90’s he fell in love with the electronic and techno music of the time. He co-founded and created the project PSIO CREW recording the album „Szumi Jawor Soundsystem” and playing hundreds of concerts. In 2008 he left Psio Crew and began his musical wanderings.

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012 10:15

Dikanda- unique folk on the Main Stage

Dikanda, in an African dialect, means “family” and that words tells it all about this band. They live and work as a small family.

The band was born in 1997 in Szczecin. A love for traditional music and hard work allowed them to create their own style and sound. In their totally acoustic repertoire you can hear inspiration from the Orient, Balkan and Macedonian folk and Gypsies.

One characteristic of Dikanda is their created words and meanings that are present in the compositions.

They have 4 albums, have played hundreds of concerts, performed at big European festivals and won many awards in and out of Poland.

Dikanda’s concerts are a unique voyage through a musical world, a meeting full of energy, charisma, true emotions and joy for the audience and the performers alike.

They have played in Asiatic Russia, India and most countries of Europe. They’ve taken part in festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Sziget Festival (Budapest), Rudolstadt and 2x have played Opole. They’ve won fans all over Europe, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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