The SLOT Art Festival is 5 Days Without Chemicals and Violence

This means...

  • there is a total ban on consuming, distributing or possessing any alcohol, illegal drug (it doesn't matter what kind) or any other mind-altering substance on the festival terrain.

  • Security has the right to control and confiscate any of the above named items.

  • People under the influence of any of the above named substances will be removed from the festival grounds.

  • No one may possess or use any object that might cause a threat to the safety or life of anyone at the festival.

  • Wearing the id badge is obligatory. It must be clearly visible when going in or out of the gates as well as at the request of any security or information worker.

Anyone not following these rules will be removed from the festival grounds by security.

After 22:00 please keep quiet in the campground so as not to disturb the neighbors.

The festival day runs from 11:00 to 11:00.
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